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Dave’s Twitter Updates for 2009-07-20

  • Lines VERY slow getting into fairgrounds. #
  • davedufour

    Indiana doctors’ association: A shrug and a blank stare on healthcare reform – Elkhart Review Blog Post #tcot http://ow.ly/hDFV #

  • Elkhart County Fair fun, but crowded tonight. Pork chop sandwiches as good as ever, though. #
  • Indiana doctors’ association: A shrug and a blank stare on healthcare reform – Elkhart Review Blog Post #tcot http://ow.ly/hDG3 #

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Smoking bans and mustaches

Commentary on the Elkhart Truth’s stance on expanding the smoking ban, plus Elkhart City Council follies and a few choice recommendations.

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Tea Parties and more

In this, our first episode for some time, we talk about the recent anti-tax tea parties, the media, and a few news items. Interviews with an attendee at the Goshen Indiana Tea Party, and with one of the organizers of Elkhart, Indiana’s rally. Media reaction to the tea parties has been largely dismissive and/or derisive, and we talk a bit about that as well.We open with a special audio segement that’s our reaction to the recent memos released by the Department of Homeland Security regarding right wing extremist threats.
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A special video message for Congressman Joe Donnelly

Video commentary on our Congressman, Representative Joe Donnelly, Indiana’s Second District.  Donnelly, like almost all the Democrats in the House, voted for the stimulus monstrosity.  We think he should have done the RIGHT thing, but instead, he went along with a party bent on spending our future.

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Barack Obama-rama

In this episode, we talk about Obama’s recent big win, and there’s an interview with the director of Elkhart Civic Theatre’s current production. There’s some additional news and comment on smoke and politics in Elkhart, and we make our podcast, website and application of the month recommendations.

The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe is our podcast of the month. Produced by the New England Skeptical Society in association with Skepchick.org

Politico is our website recommendation — http://www.politico.com

Application of the month is Evernote.  Check it out at http://www.evernote.com.  Write to dave at editor@elkhartreview.com to get one of his limited supply of invitations to try the Evernote Beta.

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Where there’s smoke there’s politics

Elkhart’s smoking ban and other BS.

Walgreens are taking over Elkhart

New Walgreen’s store going in at Hively and Prairie Streets in Elkhart. The chain is expanding here, between Elkhart and Goshen along US33 and north of the toll road on Cassopolis.

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Why is gas so expensive?

There’s a great article at AOL Autos  that explains the costs of a gallon of gas.  It’s not really the oil companies’ fault.  Yes, they ARE making record profits now, but those profits are what would allow them to explore for more oil (which we need) and expand refining capacity.  Proposals to tax “windfall” profits make no sense in this environment, frustrating as it is.