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Andrew Breitbart Distilled

This review of some of his comments from Fox News encapsulates what Andrew Breitbart was all about.  He was ruthless and fearless, but he wasn’t a liar.  He was direct and didn’t back down, but he wasn’t a bully (although I think sometimes Hannity is).  Breitbart saw with great clarity what the radical left (not traditional Democrats) are trying to do to this country and he was possibly the strongest voice among many saying “No you don’t.”


Al Gore: Global Whining

It seems that Vice-president Gore has not made enough money on his carbon credits, and that’s where the real failure lies.

In our opinion, the congressional lack of progress on this issue is a major success. Man-made global warming fits the template for most hoax-crises: It’s massive, it’s hard to understand, we need leaders to understand it and tell us what to do, the benefits accrue way down the road (for our children, typically) and oh yeah, it’s gonna cost you. The politics ran away with this problem years ago, and the people want no part of it. Gore, fortunately for us, unfortunately for him, has become something of a laughingstock.  This may be his surrender speech.

Elco-to-Lerner transformation continues

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The video here is only a taste of the outside activity.  For a really good look inside, check the project’s photo gallery at its website. Some great photos here  — only problem is you can’t stop the slide show and the pictures change a little too quickly.  But you’ll still get an idea of the scope of this wonderful project for the city of Elkhart.

Can the government tell us what to eat?

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It worries us that a Supreme Court nominee dodges this question about a fairly basic matter of freedom.

The last name’s Reid, Rory (Sheesh)

Harry Reid’s son, Rory, doesn’t use his last name (same as his weasel-dad’s) anyhere in this campaign had.  He obviously realizes old Harry is bad baggage — why doesn’t Harry get it?

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What was Joe Donnelly thinking?

Baucus lets us in on the real deal: wealth redistribution

Senator Max Baucus is another truth-telling Democrat who has let it slip that one of the real agendas of Obamacare is redistribution of wealth.

As if we really needed a clue.  Obama’s history, mentors and more, along with the radicalization of the Democratic Party in recent years has been more than enough of a tip-off. We spotted Obama’s redistributionist tendencies during the debates.  Slight notice was paid at the time, but not nearly enough.

It’s beginning to sound like a mantra, but the health care bill has never really been about health care.  It has been about (in Speaker Pelosi’s words), “kicking the door down,” not just for nationalization of medicine, but for vastly increased government interference in business and ultimately, our everyday lives.

Dingell Dangles the Truth

Sometimes, if you pay attention, the left reveals the true agenda. We’re not only ones who have understood what the health care charade was really about, and here’s sweet old John Dingell slipping up and letting us know we were right.

Health care was never about health, really. It’s always been about “controlling the people. This is just further confirmation.